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1. Profile of the company issuing the report

Pirelli & C is the limited company, listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, that heads the multinational group specialised in the tyre sector that also has a presence in the real estate, broadband access technologies, air quality and emission control sectors. In over 130 years of business, the Group has grown thanks to its capacity to generate innovative products in a range of sectors. Tyres represent the strategic asset of the group identified as Pirelli Tyre. In the property sector, Pirelli RE manages the property-owning funds and companies and holds a leadership position in the Italian market. The Group is also active in other high technological innovation sectors, such as broadband access. Pirelli's constant attention to environmental issues, and its emphatic focus on product innovation, has led to the birth of new businesses: Pirelli Ambiente operates in the renewable energy and sustainable development sector, supplying 100% green electricity obtained from photovoltaic installations, and Pirelli Eco Technology is active in the production of the latest generation Feelpure antiparticulate filters. Pirelli Labs, a centre of technological excellence, is at the service of all these businesses, and represents the engine of innovation for all the businesses of the Group.

Awareness of the importance of an efficient Corporate Governance system represents one of the essential elements for achieving the objectives of creating sustainable value and prompts the Company to keep its corporate governance system constantly in line with national and international best practice.

Pirelli adopts the traditional administration and control system based on the central role played by the Board of Directors. The distinctive elements of the Company Corporate Governance model are: correct disclosure practices concerning the choices and processes by which company decisions are formulated, an effective internal control system, and effective regulation of potential conflicts of interest.

The system of governance is documented in the Code of Ethics, the Company Bylaws, the Regulations regarding shareholders’ meetings, and a series of principles, rules and procedures, periodically updated to reflect regulatory and legal developments, that are available on the Company website at www.pirelli.com in the section dedicated to Governance and the approach and policies of the Board of Directors.

Moreover, the Company has been publishing its sustainability reports since 2005 – further information is available in the appropriate section in the company financial reports.

It should be noted that although not required to do so by the Self-Regulatory Code, the Company voluntarily highlights updates and additions made to its corporate governance system since the preceding annual report in its half-yearly report.