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Foreign subsidiaries not in the European Union (Non-EU Companies)

Pirelli & C. S.p.A. controls, directly or indirectly, a number of companies with registered offices in States which are not members of the European Community
(Non-EU Companies)1 which are of significant importance under the terms of Art. 36 of Consob Regulation 16191/2007 on control of the markets ("Market Regulations").

Also under the terms of the same regulations, the Company has in place specific and appropriate "Group Operating Rules" which ensure immediate, constant and full compliance with the provisions contained in the said Consob Regulations2. Under the terms of the said Operating Rules, the competent corporate functions of the Parent Company, precisely and periodically identify and disclose all non-EU companies significant under the Market Regulations, and - with the necessary and timely collaboration of the companies involved - guarantee collection of the data and information and verification of the circumstances as required by Article 36, ensuring that the information and figures provided by the subsidiaries are available in the event of a request by Consob. Furthermore, a regular flow of information is provided for in order to ensure that the Board of Statutory Auditors of the Company can carry out the required and appropriate audits. Finally, the above "Operating Rules", in keeping with the regulatory provisions, prescribe how the financial statements (the balance sheet and income statement) of significant non-EU companies prepared for the purpose of the consolidated financial statements are to be made available to the public.

It can therefore be stated that the company has fully complied with the provisions of Article 36 of the aforementioned Consob Regulation 16197/2007 and that the conditions required by the same have been fulfilled.

1 Non-EU companies controlled, directly and indirectly, by Pirelli & C. S.p.A., significant under Article 36 of the Market Regulations are: Turk Pirelli Lastikleri AS; Pirelli Tyre CO LTD; Pirelli Pneus LTDA; Pirelli Tyre (EUROPE) S.A.; Pirelli Tyre LLC; Pirelli de Venezuela C.A..

2 It should be noted that even before adoption of the aforementioned “Operating Rules” the administrative, accounting and reporting systems in place in the Pirelli Group already enabled the Companies to be substantially in line with the requirements of the regulatory prescriptions.